Brand Identity Design Communication Design


Select a sign from an existing organization to improve. facilitate better overall communication by developing a visual system. The designer needs to find out the intention of the sign and create design skills to serve the intention. The goal is to use graphic design skill to improve the visual communication of the sign and transfer it into the next level. 


The original visual identity of the San Francisco Neighborhood Emergency Response Team was barely systematic. I tried to distill some good elements like the bright green color and slab serif typeface from the old visual. For the purpose to promote NERT into more community, I redesigned the logo identity and chose a heavyweight sanserif typeface for its visual system to locate the personality of NERT. I brought tangerine into its color palette which creates a high contrast with the bright green. The new bold and vibrant impression symbolized the dynamic and sense of alertness of NERT, but also for the purpose to promote NERT into more neighborhood communities, I design a "hand in hand" pattern to show the power of unite in a friendly style.  

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