UI/UX Design


From Material to Social connection, people waste so many time and energy on things which consume us but bring nothing good to us. But like any kind of addictions or bad habits, it truly hard for us to get rid of a thing or a habit we get used to it for a long time. It is a challenge to maintain constant change in everyday life. To maintain changing, this project aims to design a mobile app which is easy for us to record and analyze our life pattern, break our bad habits step by step. 


When we trace back to the origin where the Minimalist architectural style emerged, you can always find the critical inspiration from the De Stijl movement, the architecture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and traditional Japanese cultures. In this poster series, I constructed three handmade typefaces, “Essence”, “Simple” and “Void”, to represent the three origins of Minimalist architecture. Each of them shows how the three origins have influenced modern Minimalist architecture in the way of form, texture, and color.